Vocational and skills training

At Brighter Path we have a tremendous track record in helping young care leavers acquire skills and qualifications.  When care leavers leave institutional care they often have no qualifications and are heading for a life of low paid and unskilled work.

We support care leavers to acquire vocational skills, accessing courses through both the Sri Lankan Vocational Training Authority and private providers.  Recent successes include courses in nursing, healthcare, teaching, tourism, management, IT, and catering.

For other care leavers we have been able to arrange in work training with supportive employers.  Some of our students have become accomplished pastry chefs and others skilled hairdressers.

Please support us as we transform the life trajectories of our young care leavers. With your help we can change the whole course of a young person’s life and help make them a valuable and valued member of society.